5 unique advantages of Jinyujie Electromechanical to help you out



        01、  Professional & dedicated:


        Dedicated to H.F Welded Pipe industry for 25 years,having 14 years of experience in manufacturing and service of H.F Welded Pipe equipment,providing services for more than 1,500 enterprises in domestic and aboard.


        02、  Turn-key Projects & Equipment:


        Jinyujie Electromechanical has a lot of second-hand source for rapid integration of a whole second-hand pipe welding line.Provide professional installation and debugging services at home and abroad; have established long-term cooperation with multiple pipe-welding equipment manufacturers to ensure complete spare parts.


        03、  Individual Customization:


        The second-hand pipe-welding unit can be expanded, upgraded and refurbished; the old and new high- frequency pipe-welding units and the power are optional; the old and new electrical control parts of flying saws can be replaced; let the customers enjoy the same experience as purchasing a new unit, and you can select configuration as you need!


        04、  Continuous After-sales Support:


        Jinyujie Electromechanical has 14 years of experience in manufacturing and services of high-frequency pipe-welding equipment, and the talents in equipment manufacturing, installation, debugging, process adjustment, etc. to provide continuous after-sales services and supports.


        05、  Quickly Putting into Production:


        Jinyujie Electromechanical is dedicated to high-frequency pipe welding industry for 25 years, and has accumulated a large number of resources, to help you to build a pipe welding team for free to make your second-hand pipe welding line put into production quickly!






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